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True Brew Beer Ingredient Kitsfeaturing Muntons malt extract of the appropriate type, dried malts, grains, hops, priming sugar, yeast, caps and full instructions, as called for by each tried and true recipe

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K15 California Common The real thing, using the superb SafLager yeast 3 Hops included each 54.00
K23 Oktoberfest A celebration of the seasons true to German Style each 38.00
K10 Amber All malt, well hopped, smooth and full malt body each 38.00
K12 American Wheat 55% Wheat / 45 % malted barley: 2 can kit8 each 46.00
K14 Brown Ale with malto dextrin, dark brown w/ creamy, well-balanced flavor each 38.00
K16 Canadian Ale cool, clean taste with a delicate hop nose each 37.00
K18 European Dark clear brown with pronounced malty flavor balanced by hops each 36.00
K20 European Light straw colored with full malt body and hop aroma
each 36.00
K22 Irish Stout all malt, ful bodied ale, high hops, sweet aftertaste each 41.00
K24 Pale Ale a traditional pub ale, delightfully drinkable each 40.00
K26 Pilsner light in color and body, emphasizing hop aroma each 40.00
K28 Porter all malt, medium bodied dark ale, hoppy but not bitter each 41.00
K29 Red Ale 2-can kit, all malt, full bodied, deep and rich in flavor, glorious red highlights each 50.00
K30 India Pale Ale all malt, 2 can kit, plus grains, boiling and finish hops, yeast, water crystals, priming sugar, oak chips, caps, instructions each 50.00
K56 Bavarian Hefeweizen Classic German Style Wheat beer each 50.00
K50 Belgian Ale Estery complex Belgian style ale each 55.00
K52 Black Lager Dark German style lager each 42.00
K 54 Double IPA Hoppy "Double" IPA each 72.00
K 58 Oak Imperial Stout Complex Oaky Imperial Stout each 66.00
K32 Bock American style, w/ 2  cans, 3 grains, boiling and finishing hops, yeast, priming sugar, caps and instructions each 54.00
K34 Nut Brown Ale 1 can extract, 3 grains, 2 dried malts, dark brown sugar, hops, yeast, priming sugar, caps and instructions each 42.00


Saisons are traditional Belgian farmhouse ales that are refreshingly earthy, spicy and peppery. Saison is French for "season", and this beer was originally the drink of seasonal farm workers and played an integral part in the agricultural lifestyle.

Our Saison lives up to its name with a touch of wheat and an important Saison yeast strain. Do yourself a favor and ferment this beer a bit warmer than normal ales to bring out all the character and complexity of the yeast.


F10 Copper Ale

Our Copper Ale is an American original that balances the best of malt and hops to deliver a beer that is sure to please. A product of the early U.S. craft beer revolution, this style has turned thousands onto the complexity of great beer, while delivering a balanced presentation of malt and hops. Bready and caramel malts marry with hoppy bitterness, pouring a rich reddish-copper color.

Drinkable and highly versatile, our Amber Ale is perfect for any time of year and pairs well with all types of food. A “must brew” in your brewing adventures

each 56.00

F36 Black Saison Black Saison? That's right! We take the Belgian beauty known as Saison and turn the lights off in the farmhouse by adding a super smooth roasted barley called Black Pearl from Patagonia Malt. Black Pearl is 100% huskless, so the outer layer of the barley is removed before roasting, lending a much softer and less astringent roast character. This saison has all the classic flavors of spice and fruity esters but with a complex coffee and chocolate edge that finishes dry and crisp. You can leave the lights off! each 50.00

F26 Czeck Pilsner Straw-gold, with subtle malt presence and smooth hop bitterness. This pilsner gives a nod to its German and Czech ancestors with a gentle touch of Northern Brewer and Saaz hops. If possilbe, it's best to ferment this beer at lager temperatures. each 42.00

F30 West Coast IPA Light copper colored, with slightly sweet maltiness, pronounced bitterness, and citrusy hop aromas. This American-style IPA features classic, west-coast hops for a clean, bright, refreshing result. each 53.00

F37 ESB Extra Special Bitter, aka ESB, is the big brother of English beers like English Pale Ale or Bitter. More malt and hops are used to create a slightly "bigger" beer in terms of alcohol and bitterness. Don't be fooled by the name though, Extra Special Bitters are well balanced between malt and hops. This ESB pours dark gold in color and tastes rich of bready malt character and earthy, English hops. No need to travel across the pond for this English treat! each 58.00

F38 Scottish Ale A wide range of specialty malts make this kit ideal for those who appreciate complex and nuanced malt character in their beer. Garnet-hued and full- bodied, this slightly sweet ale is low in bitterness and hop aromas. Smooth and satisfying, you'll want more than a "wee dram"... each 66.00

F40 Smoked Porter Two varieties of smoked malt add an extra layer of complexity to this Porter kit. Mellow, yet supportive hop bitterness adds the perfect backbone to this smokey, roasty, chocolate-tinged dark ale. Smoked Porter is the perfect campfire beer for crisp autumn nights. each 50.00

F43 Red Rye What a joy! This red ale is rich and complex. A judicious amount of rye brings out a delectable spicy quality that plays terrifically well with the hops in this beer. This mahogany colored beer brings the flavor with layers of different rye malts and caramel malt that finishes crisp and clean. Have another? Rye not?! each 44.00

F41 White IPA A fledging style of beer, White IPA combines the best qualities of both an IPA and a Belgian Witbier to create a refreshing masterpiece. What you get is the hoppy bitterness and aroma of an IPA, light body from the use of wheat and oats and spice from a touch of orange peel and coriander as indicative of Belgian Witbiers. each 57.00

F24 Northwest IPA

The Northwest IPA is a blank canvas on which hops and malt battle for dominance of the beer's composition. Sometimes hop-bombs with low alcohol and only subtle malt presence, and sometimes big beers with robust malt profiles and subdued hop notes, the Pale Ale is a place to get creative.

For our Northwest IPA, we're bringing malt and hops into balance over the background of a clean yeast strain. A late dosing of West-coast Cascade hops gives the brew a wonderful aroma of juicy grapefruit and pine, while the malt brings body and richness to achieve harmony. A touch malty, and deliciously hoppy, this beer is sure to become a regular on your brewing calendar!

each 58.00


True Brew Equipment Kits
Cat #                    Description     Price
K1 * Maestro

Beer Equipment Kit

Maestro Beer Equipment Kit


True Brew handbook

6.5 gallon primary fermenting bucket with lid

6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot

Fermtech springless bottle filler


True Brew rack & fill kit


Emily double lever capper

Bottle brush

3-piece airlock

C-Brite sanitizer 8 pack


Basic Gold Equipment Kit with 6 gallon carboy

TrueBrew Handbook

7.8 gal primary fermenting bucket with lid

6.0 gal glass carboy


Stopper and airlock

Fermtech springless bottle filler

Fermometor adhesive fermentation thermometer

True Brew rack and fill kit

C-Brite Sanitizer 8- pack

You add a corker or capper

3 piece air lock


Maestro Beer Equipment kit with Autosiphon

True Brew handbook

6.5 gallon Primary Fermenting bucket

6.5 gallon Bottling bucket with spigot

Fermometer adhesive fermentation thermometer

Fermtech springless bottle filler

Fermtech 3/8 inch Autosiphon

True brew fast fill kit

C-Brite 8-pack sanitizer

 corker or capper

K6 *

Gold Complete

Beer or Wine equipment kit


7.8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with lid

6 gallon glass carboy


Fermometer adhesive fermentation thermometer

3 piece airlock


True Brew fast flow  Rack and Fill kit

1/2 inch tubing and racking cane

Springless bottle filler

C- Brite 8-pack sanitizer

Portuguese Double Lever Corker


Emily capper

Bottle brush


****PLEASE Call or email Zok's to get the right kit and choice of beer style ingredients.