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  1/2 Barrel Brewing Systems

   Zok’s Homebrewing & Winemaking Supplies has affordable ˝ barrel homebrewing systems for the avid homebrewer. A 110 Volt pump is optional.

    The brew systems include a luminized (Aluminum) coated steel frame with 170,000 BTU propane burner castings attached for the hot liquor and kettle. There is an option to have a third burner added to the mash tun frame (for step mashing techniques). The vessels used are re-cycled and legal (verification included) ˝ barrel stainless steel Sanke type kegs.

* The total volume of a ˝ barrel is 15.5 gallons. One can brew 13.5-14.5 gallons
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*Not included; propane tank.

Complete Beertree ˝ barrel System…………  $1250.00

For a fee, Zok’s will deliver (locally) and demonstrate the system

* Call for options and/or shipping details.

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