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Dry Packet Yeast   Wyeast Pitchable Yeast 100 Billion cells

Dry Packet Yeast:

Cat #



Pack Size

3620 Coopers ale 7 gm 1.50
3621 Coopers Large ale 15 gm 1.98
3614 Doric, Danstar ale   2.80
3605 Muntons ale 6 gm 1.50
3608 Muntons Premium Gold ale 6 gm 2.20
3613 Nottingham ale 5 gm 2.50
3630 SAFALE S-04 ale 11.5 gm 3.50
3632 SAFLAGER S-23 lager 11.5 gm 5.80
3631 SafAle S-33 (Edme Strain) ale 10 gm 3.30
3625 Unican ale 5 gm 1.99
3615 Doric ale 5 gm 1.99
3618 Windsor Lager 5 gm 2.30
9804A Super Start Distiller's Yeast (DADY)   1 lb 7.00
8147 Alcotec 24 hr Turbo Yeast   205 grams 6.10
8146 Alcotec 48 hr Turbo Yeast   135 grams 6.40



"Activator Packs"

100 Billion Cells


Yeast Type


Y1007 German Ale ferments dry and crisp, leaving a complex but mild flavor 9.00
Y1028 London Ale rich, bold and crisp, with some diacetyl production 9.00
Y1056 American Ale ferments dry, finishes soft, smooth and clean, very well balanced 9.00
Y1084 Irish Ale slight residual diacetyl and fruitiness, great for Stouts. clean, full bodied 9.00
Y1087 Wyeast Special Blend a special mix by Wyeast Labs 9.00
Y1098 British Ale (Whitbread Strain) ferments dry and crisp, slightly nutty and fruity and well balanced 9.00
Y1187 Ringwood Ale classic English bitter style yeast 9.00
Y1214 Belgian Abbey   9.00
Y1272 American Ale II like 1056, but more floculant 9.00
Y1275 Thames Valley English classic yeast 9.00
Y1318 London Ale III   9.00
Y1335 British Ale II   9.00
Y1338 European Ale good floculation 9.00
Y1388 Belgian Strong Ale for "BIG" Belgian ales 9.00
Y1728 Scottish Ale gives a nice malt profile 9.00
Y1762 Belgian Abbey II another for BIG Belgian's 9.00
Y1968 London Special Bitter Make a Fuller's clone with this 9.00
Y2565 Kolsch light and slightly fruity 9.00
Y3278 Belgian Lambic Blend a blend of many yeasts/bacteria 14.00
Lager Yeasts        
Y2007 Pilsen Lager great for Czech Pils 9.00
Y2035 American Lager makes American style lagers 9.00
Y2042 Danish Lager   9.00
Y2112 California Lager   9.00
Y2124 Bohemian Lager for Czech lagers 9.00
Y2178 Wyeast Lager Blend   9.00
Y2206 Bavarian Lager German Pils, Bocks, lagers 9.00
Y2272 North American Lager   9.00
Y2278 Czech Pils Lager Czech pils 9.00
Y2308 Munich Lager makes German style lagers 9.00
Wheat Yeast Strains        
Y3056 Bavarian Wheat   9.00
Y3068 Weihenstephan Wheat clovey, banana finish 9.00
Y3333 German Wheat another classic German wheat style yeast 9.00
Y3942 Belgian Wheat   9.00
Y3944 Belgian White Beer Belgian "Wit" beer 9.00